Do you have a talent that you would like to showcase? Maybe some original ideas for a story, comic, radioplay or even animation, if this fits you then you should join the team of Azure-Productions.

We're growing and want to offer this opportunity to anyone who wants to get their own ideas out there.

Even if you would just like to use your talent to help out with other projects, whether it be, art, animation, sound production, voice work, it doesn't matter, don't hesistate to join.

We off many benefits...just, none that have any monetary worth or anything that could contribute to your daily health...BUT, we offer free webspace to showcase all your own work!

Don't be shy, sign up today!


Animators- Namely ones with their own series and projects. I wanted Azure-Productions to have a variety of content and projects all for the entertainment of people. Since I'm an animator myself, I understand that sometimes by yourself it can be a bit difficult finding people that will go along with you and your project, especially if you're considered an unknown. Most VAs shy away from unknown producers with no reputation, mainly because they don't want to put their effort and time into something that may never come to fruition. With support from people in the company it'll be a lot easier to find the resources you may need, and even be able to get some help in animating. I want to develop a relationship between all people who may join the company, and as such we'll all be able to help one another. Whether it's in finding sound effects, voice actors or even animating tips.

Audio Producers- I'm slowly starting to develop the audio section of the company, but others who produce original audio dramas are extremely welcome. The same applies from the above description. To be able to help promote each other's work and offer constant reliable help when needed. Audio Production- People who may just specialize in production of audio, ie: cleaning, balancing, noise reduction. I do it myself, but I'll admit, I'm like third rate in that aspect. So I'm looking for anyone who may want to offer their talents in helping out, I feel it would be a great experience, developing friendships and getting experience in a hobby that you may or may not want to take to a professional level.

Artists(Comic, Promotional, etc)- I'm developing a comic section on the site as well. And I'm offering anyone with artistic talent to join as well and promote their original works. And anyone who may like to help with other people's works in the art side of promotional material.

What you get:

*A sub domain website for your own stuff. Use it for whatever you'd like. It would be "" as an example. I'll design the layout and get it running for you if you do not know how to. I will give ftp access and show you how to keep it going so you can update it without me.

* Unlimited webspace to go with the sub domain.

* Personal email address. Etc As well as building what I think will be a great experience for anyone.