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Azure-Productions is an entertainment/service oriented company. Desiring to enthrall all types of audiences with its original works of creativity. From animations to audiodramas this up and coming production company is working vigorously to come up with new forms of stories to be told. This website is the creative work of Adam Tilford, also known as nikedrummer33 on some internet communities. It all started with "Shattered Heaven", an original mecha/sci-fi novel that was originally written in the early 2000's but soon grew into an envigorating novel series that developed a unique and committed fanbase over the internet. Seeing how this story was able to entertain those around, Adam sought other ways to push his work and help it reach a new audience. The "Shattered Heaven" flash animated series was conjured, and out of that came the birth of it's new home, Azure-Productions.

Working closely with good friends and very talented voice actors and actresses, Azure-Productions began to grow in size within its network. It wasn't long until the thirst to keep people on the edge of their seats became unquenchable. And the production company sought to strengthen what it had to offer. New, original audio dramas are being produced. and collaborations are being formed in order to create some of the most exciting tales to ever be written and told. Keep a look out for the future, because we're just get started.

Aside from the entertainment aspect, Azure-Productions also offer graphic design and web design services. Helping to design and setup unique homes for people and their creative outlets is something we take pride in and are always going out to exceed what is expected of us. In the process we look to increase out network of professional and personal friendships and are always willing to help out any who ask. From ad design to brocures, static sites to flash sites, we cover them all.

If you are interested in working with Azure-Productions or joining an expanding team then feel free to get in touch with us. We strive to be on the forefront of the underground entertainment industry. All talents are welcome, you'll only be making us shine that much brighter.


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